E t h i c a l   b r e e d i n g

As a responsible breeder and member of Papillon-Ringen, I have to adhere to the following recommendations...

  1. to treat and care for my dogs in line with well-tried experience, and follow the fundamental rules of the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK) for breeding of dogs, and the regulations of the Swedish Department of Agriculture.
  2. to only breed on pure-bred dogs, and to be well familiar with the breed standard of Papillon.
  3. to only breed on dogs registered in SKK, or other acknowledged foreign kennel club.
  4. to only breed on dogs that are physically and psychically healthy, and abide with the rules regarding genetically defects. The breed has from 1994 a health program regarding PRA, which implies prohibition to register offspring from the papillon afflicted with PRA, and its parents, and - if any - earlier produced offspring from the PRA-sick dog.
  5. to identification-mark my dog according to the SKK rules.
  6. that the parent-dogs must be cleared from patella luxation and the result registered with Papillon-Ringen, before mating the dogs.
  7. that palpated check-up for patella luxation must be done when the dog is more than 12 months old.
  8. that the parent-dogs must be cleared from PRA during the last 12 months before mating. However, a dog that is cleared from PRA through ERG-examination done in Sweden, is exempted from the 12-months-check-up-rule.
  9. to avoid one-sided breeding on a limited number of dogs (males), i.e. matador-breeding.
  10. to broaden the breeding-base within the breed.
  11. to, as far as possible, let the intended bitch respectively dog become 2 years of age before mating. If this step is combined with a renewed PRA-clearance of the parents of the dog and bitch at the age of 4-5 years, the breeders possibility to take effective actions in the fight against PRA increases radically.
  12. not to mate bitches for the first time after the age of 4 years.
  13. not to mate bitches after 7 years of age, if there aren't specific reasons.
  14. that only in exceptional cases use a bitch in breeding more than once a year, and to withdraw a bitch from breeding after having 2 Caesarean sections.
  15. that puppies, according to SKK's fundamental rules, must be at least 8 weeks old when sold, registered in SKK, identification-marked, veterinary examined and certified healthy, and dewormed. Written advice of how to care for the puppy, and contract of sale must be written according to SKK's recommendations.
  16. that breeders should be well aware of their responsibility toward puppy-buyers, and that the Swedish laws regarding consumer sales are valid when selling puppies.
  17. that breeders do not give untrue information about their breeding.
  18. that breeders recommend their puppy-buyers to check for patella luxation and PRA, and register the results at Papillon-Ringen in order to keep the breed sound and healthy.