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If you are interested in having a puppy from the kennel of Caratoots, please first look into our breeding policy (see link below). As we like to get to know anyone interested in purchasing one of our papillons, we also ask you to fill out the inquiry form below. As mentioned in our breeding policy, we are particular with that our dogs end up in the right homes. We therefore would like to know some details about yourself, your family, home and other pets. Do you have any experience of papillons or other breeds? Are you looking for a dog to show, breed, train for performance (obedience, agility tracking etc) or have as a pet?. Do you have any preferences when it comes to gender, color, looks, temperament etc? If we can not help you, we might instead be able to pass referrals to other reputable breeders.

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The information you provide with be handled with care, and will not be shared with other parties without your consent.